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About Us


5000s Magazine is made by a non-profit Buddhist organization, with the aim to cultivate morality to society. We share inspiring stories in life and the world. We awaken morality and wisdom, harmony and peace from within, through ways of life aligned with Buddhist thoughts and Dhamma (Buddha’s teachings).

Dhamma and lifestyle are the same thing.

The 5000s magazine is produced to show the world that spiritual life is not parallel to everyday life. The more you live by the code of morals, the clearer your lifestyle becomes. It was born out of gratitude toward Buddha for his arduous training and search to seek the way out of suffering for all beings.

Our team consists of members from all walks of life who are also serious practitioners of Vipassana meditation and live a life in the middle path.

5000s is a bi-lingual magazine and available in all leading bookstores, Thai Airways passenger lounge, embassies, The British Club, major hotels and tourist spots across the country.

5000s Magazine is made by Knowing Buddha Foundation

Our Organization