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Merit, Sin, and the Last Thought

Vipassana Meditation Master
Acharavadee Wongsakon

Merit and sin are the forms of energy stream. Bad Karma yields bad life events while good Karma brings about good luck and opportunities, some of them are even too good to be true and can only be interpreted as a divine intervention.

When a person reaches enlightenment, he or she still has to take his or her karmic consequences as long as there is a physical body and that Karma cannot be pardoned.

The term ‘enlightenment’ refers to the state of purified mind. The process of mind purification creates merit or positive energy which has the power to lift that person’s life and even salvage the souls of family members from lower realm in the afterworld.

The practice of praying and giving merit to deceased loved ones can be found in every religion. It is also believed that when children and spouse of the dead perform the ceremony themselves, the merit has a higher chance of reaching the soul.

This is true in every sense because family members who share the most similar DNA are closely connected as seen in the DNA’s double helix structure. The entwined spiral patterns reflect the bond both at the biological and energy levels. So when the good karmic force (merit) is sent to that soul, its positive energy can dispel the negative energy within the soul.

When it comes to death, people often asked me: “What should I do when I’m dying?” But before I answer that, we need to understand what death is.

Death is the state in which a physical body loses its ability to function and sustain itself, resulting in the departure of the soul. In the energy sense, death is simply a permanent transition from an old house or an old shell, in this case, to a new shell. Therefore, the very moment a soul leaves its body is also the moment of the soul’s relocation to a new realm, namely, a new energy field.

People whose good and bad deeds were done more or less equally can usually think of pleasant things they had done earlier when they’re dying. Some even think can of the gods or prophets of their religions. The focus on positive things and energy will bring them to a good place in the afterlife. But people who mostly committed sins, the heavy negative energy will pull them down after they die.

At the moment of death, you must be fully mindful. You must also be confident you haven’t committed any grave, unforgivable sins or carried any guilt because they will resurface and cloud with your thoughts. Once your mind focuses on those negative feelings, your next destination will certainly not be pleasant.

While you’re alive, you have to train yourself to let go of emotional attachments such as worries, possessiveness, or mournful feeling because that will make your departure much easier when your time arrives. What dominates your thoughts and heart at the moment of departure will act like a magnet pulling your soul toward the source of your attachment.

Do not be afraid of death because it is just a transition of the mind energy. Once we understand this principle, we will be able to make a preparation.

You should always be prepared. Make a will. Tell your family if you have a life insurance. Tell someone you trust where your valuables are. Prepare everything well so that when something happens, you can freely leave.

There’s no point in entangling yourself with the material world, keep in mind that when it’s time, it’s time, and that “my time is up”

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