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Hello again, dear reader. How have you been? Time really flies. We only have a few months left before this year comes to an end.

This issue came with the ‘Discovery’ concept. The discovery we’d like to take you to see is the discovery of your inner world where most people hardly pay a serious visit. It is yet the absolute must-see place before we depart this world.

For travelers, there’s one highly recommended place worthy of discovery: a brand new weekend destination called Manasikarn Hall. Located in Saraburi province, the hall redefines what true spiritual detox is, while fulfilling your cravings for unique gastronomic experience and the need for true relaxation in nature.

We believe that after you complete your discovery until the last page, you will find at least a right answer to your questions, or at least a right question about life that resonates with your soul.


See you again soon.