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ISSUE 52 (July – August 2023)


Everyone must have been in a situation which seems like you and your friend are discussing about something, only to realize that we’re talking about two different things. As silly as it is, there are times we have gained a useful new idea from it.


That new way of looking at things and how it can turn our life around is what our concept in this issue is about. The concept of mind over matter is real. How we look at people, events and problems determines how our future will unfold. It’s all about our mindset.


But no matter what you set out to do, balance is key. Now that you’ve worked hard, it’s time to play hard.


Here in Thailand, the spotlight goes to Saraburi, a small province popular for a stopover, where several interesting places are hidden. Those who are fascinated by all things fusion, Shanghai, a former fishing village and now one of the world’s fastest growing cities, is a perfect choice.


Wish you a great time and great inspiration. See you again soon.


Uamdao Noikorn

Deputy Editor