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‘Art Mode’ in conversation with Thomas Fotomas

A Photo/digital Artist that turned images of the sky, ocean and surfers into a dream and a work of Art.

Thomas Fotomas is a Parisian-born artist who started off as a graphic designer and found passion in techno music and all board sports. He is a natural photographer with a talent to diverge from typical photography to works of art, using his own digital techniques.

 Our conversation with Thomas Fotomas began as soon as we cast our eyes on his gripping, vivid images of surfers, waves, and the sky, featuring perfect linear strands of color. Fotomas’ fresh take on photography is delivered as works of art which he describes as ‘Photo/Digital.’ His ‘Sunsets, Dreams & Surf’ collection leaves us refreshed, energized, and yet surprisingly serene. His aesthetic visions are as authentic and fashionable as the fashion house ‘Missoni’ that you wish you could own a piece of.

 1.Is there a story behind each of your images?

There is a story behind each photo imprinted on us all. Behind them are my photo reports on the beach. I move following the tide, the subjects, and the light that inspire me. I walk a lot to position myself properly as the framing is very important. The lines represent the temporal and physical movements in which we move.

 2. I can’t imagine how hard it is to capture the right moment to take those one or two images, and go through all the processes until you’re satisfied, before releasing them. What are those moments like?

It depends on each moment captured; you just have to lose focus for two seconds to miss the moment I’m waiting for, so there’s a bit of luck and perseverance. Sometimes I think I have the right frame, so I stay several hours in the same place, take 200  photos, and then finally not use them. At other times, when by chance I take a picture with my smart phone, I like it and use it right away.

I also work on photos that are more than five years old, or the day before; I travel in time without constraints. My creations can take between one and eight hours over several days or several weeks.

 3) What triggers and inspires you to play with these surf images digitally,especially with the lines of the waves, and the beautiful vivid colors of the sky and ocean?

Surely, the taste for originality and to differentiate. I had reached a point where I had managed to take the photos I wanted (of animals, people, sports, and landscapes), and I finally realized that anyone could create these images, so I used my skills in digital retouching and began. It was difficult before 2015 as retouched photos were rather frowned upon, but then it became a style to respect, I believe.

The minimalism of clean landscapes, combined with contrasting and slightly acid colors, have always been a personal ideal.

 4)  Do you have any favorite pieces?

Yes, I have some favorite photos, like beautiful waves, lines, and sunsets, and also of those who have had great success and who have helped me to flourish artistically. Pink Sky is my best seller.

 5)  Do you have any plans to travel elsewhere for different surf locations, and some more collections from other countries?

There are so many places we could go to in the world. If each of us had to travel to satisfy our dreams, we would need seven planets, out of which we only have one, so I do not travel, or travel very little, because I am very sensitive of my impact on the planet.

 We are lucky in France to have magnificent beaches, so why cross the planet?

 My beaches are exclusively those at Lacanau, Hossegor, Seignosse, Capbreton, and Biarritz. I like to represent my region and my country. However, I would like to go to Portugal to see the biggest wave in the world at Nazaré.

 6) What are the things that usually inspire you visually or artistically?

On the lifestyle side, there is one artist who attracts my attention more – Eckhart Tolle, author of “The Power of Now”, and the thoughts of Jiddu Krishnamurti in his book “Freedom from the Known” is very interesting to understand. I listen to a lot of music and that’s what inspires me the most; techno, dub, acid jazz, and rock.

Music is ideal for long hours of listening and discovering new artists; there are more than 80 different styles.

Find Thomas Fotomas’s work on  IG: @thomasfotomas

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