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at Bang Rak

If talking about the old area that is colorful with a variety of food. Both Local Food, Street Food and stylish cafés. The charm of the community and the architecture of old buildings which was renovated into a shop Interesting variety of styles. “Bang Rak” is the area that wants to invite you.

Fats and Angry

Step into a 90s-inspired, colorful American-style burger joint. Feast on a variety of burger patties (pork, beef, and fish) with the standout California Cheeseburger. Don’t miss the combo set for 350 Baht, which includes a choice of milkshakes (Vanilla, Strawberry, Milky, Cookies and Cream, and Hazelnut) and enjoy the various potato options (sticks, spirals, and smiley face chips).

Baan Padthai

Step into a bright blue renovated building and savor the finest Pad Thai in town. Pair it with grilled chicken, pork, prawns, or giant crabs served on a colorful tray. Prices start at 240 Baht. Indulge in street food favorites, such as papaya salad, sticky rice, fried chicken, and Thai desserts, and, of course, don’t miss out on our refreshing drinks. Join us for a delicious and vibrant dining experience.


‘Homu’ is a traditional Japanese sweet shop, hidden in an old building with a cozy ambiance. It meticulously crafts and serves traditional desserts, including the popular Warabi Mochi at 190 Baht. Their signature item, ‘Princess of Flowers in Midwinter,’ combines floral flavors with layers of fresh Hokkaido milk cream for 299 Baht. Choose from a variety of Japanese desserts, and don’t miss their special blend of flower tea, served hot or iced. Experience the taste of Japan in a homely setting at ‘Homu.’