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At Talad Phlu railway

This issue takes us to the old area that used to be the residence of Chinese people since the Thonburi period. When the capital moved to the capital city side, some Chinese people moved along. This area therefore has Muslims coming to live instead. Betel gardens were planted widely until it became a market for betel trading. A community called “Talat Phlu” was born ever since.

  1. Talad Phlu Sweets

Talad Phlu Sweets (original) have consisted of a variety of fresh Thai desserts for more than 80 years. The sweets come in bite sizes, packaged in banana leaves. Prices start at 1 Baht.

Popular selections are Khanom Chan (a chewy pandan-flavored glutinous treat), Taro Egg Custard, Khanom Tako (coconut milk pudding with assorted fillings), and more than 20 other types of sweets.

  1. Ar Ma Steamed Chive Dumpling

Several stalls sell Gui Chai (steamed chive dumplings) in the area, but this place offers the best recipes, particularly with its soft, chewy rice flour wrappings and spicy dip. Prices start at 9 Baht per piece. Filling selections include vegetables, chives, taro, bamboo shoots, and jicam.

  1. Chor Leng’s Mee Khachet

Chor Leng’s Mee Khachet (stir-fried noodles with water mimosa) is a dish that should not be missed. It originates from a noodles recipe from the owner’s mother, before the family added more dishes, mostly Chinese-style foods.