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Healing Light

Because art creates not only relaxation and joy for both creators and admirers, but also serves as a tool for us to get to know ourselves better and heals the soul. In the first issue of the year, we would like to take you to admire this heartwarming work in the exhibition “HEALING LIGHT” by Nicha Wiboonpote and Dr. Yanisa Niennattrakul.

Utilizing embroidery and cyanotype printing techniques, the artists delved into the concept and interpretation of ‘light’ from various perspectives. One interpretation communicates the subtleness and delicacy amid the chaos of the external world. Another emphasizes the significance of art and craftsmanship in the context of self-reflection, and ultimately, the light that illuminates the discovery and healing of the inner world.


The embroidered artwork of Nicha Wiboonpote begins as a hobby, drawing inspiration from her love for Thai architecture known for its intricate beauty and uniqueness. The artist employs embroidery techniques on different materials, ranging from canvas and sheer fabrics to flannel. The art extends to intricate acrylic panels laser-cut with patterns that, when illuminated, create dimension, and reveal clear details through reflective shadows, as the depiction of the pagoda at Wat Arun Temple which the embroidery on both the front and back are seen. All the while, the true background of the artwork lies in staying present.

Nicha Wiboonpote – A weaving enthusiast who appreciates the process and rhythm of weaving and try to integrate weaving into various media, with a fascination for Thai architecture. Currently working on the “nextyeariwill” project on Instagram because there are always goals to be accomplished in the upcoming year.


The sun-printed images by Dr. Yanisa Niennattrakul convey narratives of memories and experiences from her research on cognitive decline, chronicling each period and event. It is a journey of self-discovery and self-understanding, which paves the way for empathizing with others. The technique of printing images using sunlight resembles the early processes of image capturing, resulting in unpredictable and natural patterns. This reflects moments in life when we may encounter unpredictable situations. The only option is to embrace and let go.

Stay tuned for updates on artworks and activities at and IG: nextyeariwill

Dr. Yanisa Niennattrakul – An independent researcher, experimenter, special instructor, and product entrepreneur catering to the elderly. The primary goal is to design environments based on learning and understanding the intricate sense of touch in humans.

The full version is available in the 5000s magazine issue 55. Subscribe Now.