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Style Guide x Art Mode

In collaboration with Art Mode and Style Guide, our lifestyle curator gathers moodboards from around the world for you to stay updated on the trend of boutique hotels and restaurants that are super chic and cool. Check out the mix-and-match method that makes them eye-catching and artfully arranged with stories behind the selection of colors, textures, furniture or various decorations, which combine to form an artistic interior space.

25 Hours Hotel Piazza San Paolino is situated in the heart of Florence. The interiors are designed by Paola Navone and her team, inspired by the legendary Italian poet Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.

(Paola Navone also designed Como Point Yamu, Phuket)

Mount St. Restaurant, is located in Mayfair, London. Designed by Studio Laplace, lead by Christophe Comoy and Luis Laplace. The restaurant blends architecture, art and furniture designs, with modern eclectic style and vibrant colors. Each private room has its own story.

In their own words, ‘ Palazzo Luce is the first hotel conceptualised as an art and design residence. A fourteenth century building with a contemporary twist, located in the ancient heart of Lecce’. Concieved and transformed by Anna Maria Enselmi to house her collections of Modern and contemporary art.

Style Guide Summary:

  • Brand story is core to design. Relate every element to the brand story, it will strengthen all design process.
  • Harmony in color scheme, reflects harmony in a space,
  • Play fearlessly. Play outrageously like there’s no chance tomorrow.
  • Decorative plants or partitions that divide a large open dining space, will decrease the risk of a canteen-like atmosphere.
  • For any design accent-piece to stand out – having a contrasting element or style can help.
  • There is no rule in paring furniture pieces.