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Music Makes Money

Music affects both emotions and mind. Different types of music create different atmospheres. When music changes, emotions also change. Many studies found out that without background music in the shopping malls the sales would be much less than the ones with music playing. After decades of no background music, believing the sound was a distraction, Target gave in after seeing their sales steadily dipping over the years. In 2017, the retail chain giant hired marketing and music professionals to create a playlist. Within a few weeks, the sales increased.

For the last decade, there have been a huge improvement in choosing the right playlist as there are proven track records that the right music at the right time for the right people can significantly boost sales, especially during long weekend or festival time. The most effective type is music with slow tempo that gives a relaxing and feel-good atmosphere, making the customers spend more time and money in the store. On the other hand, contemporary and high tempo music suits the stores that don’t want customers to linger for too long.

In the view of customers, it’s best to prepare the shopping list before heading out. Have you ever noticed that those with no shopping plan often get something back, while those with the list mostly go back home empty-handed?

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