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Why Should We Havea New Year Resolution?

Happy New Year to all readers. Who has already come up New Year resolution for 2024? Or are you one of those who have begun to lost faith in it as things often did not go according to plans anyway?

I am one of those people who prefer to plan the future in advance, so I at least have a guideline on where I’m heading. I regularly adjust them because unexpected things always happen, forcing us to review our life in many areas. In the long run, we should aim for a high target because if we set a target so high that it’s nearly impossible to achieve, our creativity will become very active as it is forced to come up with unconventional ideas and think outside the box to realize goals.

One important thing to keep in mind to avoid being stressed out when you’re unable to achieve your goal is… you need to make a plan or a target based on what you can achieve. If it’s not achievable because of the external factors, it’s time to review your goal or the implementation method.

For example, if you set a target to achieve 15% return on investment when the economy is down, you may have to reset the target or take a different approach. You could also map out a plan to save THB100,000. But if the savings ended up being used for emergency, you don’t need to pressure yourself. You just don’t when life strikes at you.

There are also other interesting plans such as building healthy habits (exercise and diet), strengthening mental health (right mindset, compassion, anger management, focus training, building good relationships with others), or giving back to society (doing charity works). They are also investments and also the most rewarding and fulfilling.

The reason I’m writing about making a New Year resolution because I believe preparing our body and mind for whatever may come makes life simple and clear. The resolution also gives us a clear direction of the whats and the whys. When it’s time to review our goals along the way, we will be able to easily “cut” unimportant things nd stick to what really matters.

Happy New Year to all readers once again. Wish you a ‘lighter’ and ‘clearer’ life this year.

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