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5 Colorful destinations in the field of flowers – THAILAND


A famous farm famous for its bright red Celosia flowers which bloom simultaneously covering 1.58 acres of land. When shot in the right corner, the flowers will literally surround you as if you were in a flower farm in Hokkaido, Japan, as they are of the same type grown there. There are also other flower farms in the areas, showcasing white Cutter Aster and Marguerite flowers.


If you want to find a flower field with a cause, “Sirisamai Flower Field” in Techo Vipassana Meditation Center, is the answer. The garden is grown by Vipassana meditators who want to make the center look beautiful and help create tourism income for the local community.

This year, the concept of Tung Sirisamai is the Noble Eightfold Path; symbolized in eight separate entrances leading to the center of the field. The white and pink flowers, which only bloom once a year, make a sweet, lovely sight against the backdrop of white limestone mountains, a trademark landscape of Saraburi. Lovers of Marguerites will be delighted to see their favorite flower this year too.

A kimono renting service is also available. Visitors can buy local foods and products for souvenirs.


“Even if it’s just a weed, when it’s in the right place; it is valuable.” That’s probably the best description of the field of Mexican Sunflowers of Mae U-Kho Valley. Known in Thai as “Bua Tong” flower, it is one of the most visited winter destinations in northern Thailand.

Every year between November and December, the whole valley will be decorated with bright yellow Bua Tong covering almost 200 acres of land along the winding road that climbs up to Mae U-Kho Village at 1,600 meters above sea-level. The hill makes a postcard perfect vista against the clear blue sky.

This year, the “Thung (Field) Bua Tong Blooming Festival” is held from November 1 to December 15. Tourists will also get to buy locally made souvenirs, some are nationally award-winning products., Admission fee: Free of Charge.


Located on the 1.97-acre plot surrounded by mountains, the place is famous for its rows of stunning hydrangea flowers of various color including violet, white, and pink, are spotted in cascading hills. Around this time of the year, the area is shrouded in beautiful mist and November rain, making it one of the most visited flower gardens in the province despite difficult access.


The farm is about 10 kilometers from Chiang Mai City (30 minutes by car) and the biggest Marguerites farm in the province. You can savor the bright and colorful sight of different hues of purple Marguerites ranging from pale violet to deep purple. A lovely bridge nearby makes a perfect spot for Selfies. Another popular spot is the tea table set that sits right in the midst of the flower beds with lush green rice fields in the backdrop.

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