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Thailand’s Unseen & Unforgetable Destination 2023

Thailand isn’t just about sea, sun, and sand, nor is it about temples either. There are many hidden gems to be discovered. Every year, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) launches the Unseen Thailand Campaign to introduce tourists to new places ranging from exotic, one-of-a-kind cultural wonders to pristine natural spots.

This year, 25 destinations are nominated for the TAT’s Unseen New Chapters, with five of them winning the highest public votes.

In this issue, let us introduce you to some of those magnificent places from each region.

Manasikan Hall

You can say that Manasikarn Hall is among the most creative interpretations of Buddhism. The country’s latest tourist cultural attraction was built with inspiration and faith of Buddhists who made public donations to the project.

The meaning of ‘Manasikarn’ is contemplation, which is the key concept of the hall project. Inside the white structure is an exhibition of the Buddha’s journey toward enlightenment and core Buddhist principles, presented in an easy-to-understand language through the use of an interactive, modern setting. On the last part, there is also a Dhamma photo gallery which leaves many thought-provoking ideas to visitors.

Despite the complexity of the topic, Manasikarn Hall successfully challenges us to think about life. You don’t have to be a Buddhist to understand the messages. There is also a room where you will get to see 18 Relics of the Buddha and an embroidered picture of Buddha.

The tour takes about 30 minutes inside the hall. Every visitor will recieve audio guide headphones which are available in nine languages including Thai, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.

Next to the hall is Spiritual Life exhibition and a meditation room where visitors are welcome to learn basic meditation for 10-15 minutes. The mini-class is taught by an experienced meditation teacher and free of charge.

After this, check out By the Hill café to refresh yourself with drinks and snacks. Those who want to escape the heat can take a nap at Rest & Nap area which is right inside a bamboo garden. For selfie lovers, you may want to rent traditional Thai costume and take pictures. We must admit that every cornor of Manasikarn is worth a picture.

If you prefer a full meal, check out nearby Pimpiman Restaurant and the Harmony Library & Tea room. The two eateries are only ten minutes from Manasikarn Hall, serving fine dining cuisine, afternoon tea, and a wide variety of drinks.

Save an entire day for this trip. Although it isn’t a large place, there are many interesting things awaiting your discovery.

Khao Nanai Luang Dhamma Park

Khao Nanai Luang Dhamma Park situates at the Phra Phutta Silawadi elevated pagoda that houses the Buddha’s relic. It is built with laterite imported from Kamphaeng Phet province. The park was the product of people’s faith which was transformed into this serene and calming monastery on the mountain’s peaks.

The highlight of this Dhamma Park is the Phutawadi Gate. In the early morning, the gate’s intricate nine-peak arch becomes the most picturesque spot in the area as it is bathed in the golden sunlight. You may also want to visit the Buddha’s footprint on the peak where the pagodas are shrouded in the morning mist.

Phu Bobit Forest Park

We would like to invite you to witness the breathtaking mist just five kilometers from the city at Phu Bobit Forest Park Thailand’s only sea mist viewpoint in a city

On the way to the top, there are two stops for a brief stop, the Phu Bobit Cave Shrine, where you can pay respect to the Buddha’s monument, and Lord Cave. The flight may be steep, but the sight at the top is definitely worth it.

The Kam Archipelago

The Kam Archipelago is located within the Laem Son National Park, which is part of several archipelagos in the Andaman Sea. This hidden gem is still full of natural wonders, lush surroundings and tranquility. Definitely, an unseen spot to recharge your soul.

Wat Phrathat Hariphunchai Woramahawihan

One of the landmarks of the Mon Kingdom of Hariphunchai is Wat Phrathat Haiphunchai Woramahawihan, a symbol of faith in Lamphun with legends dating back thousands of years. Buddhists travel to pay respect to the Sacred Hariphunchai Relics – the Buddha’s hair stored within a golden urn – inside the Lanna style golden bell-shaped stupa.

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