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Trang – The Serene city of Andaman

Discovery the Best Beach in the World

Embark on a journey to the captivating Kradan Island in Trang Province, a gem that rivals anyothers in beauty. Crowned the world’s best beach in 2023 by the World Beach Guide from a selection of 100 top beaches globally, Kradan boasts not only the stunning coastline but also the rich biodiversity, friendly locals, and vibrant traditions. It has drawn travelers, both Thai and international, to its shores, leaving even seasoned YouTubers spellbound. For many, a visit to Kradan isn’t just a trip; it’s a dream waiting to be fulfilled.

Hop On The Funky Frog Tuk-Tuk and Explore Trang City

Before immersing in the stunning beach and sea, we took a tour around Trang to get to know more about the city. After a morning flight from Bangkok which took about one hour, we headed to discover the charm of Trang by hopping on a “tuktuk” that was shaped like a frog’s head, an iconic symbol of Trang.

The tuk-tuk took us to an eatery renowned for its grilled pork, a dish that has put Trang province on the culinary map. Paired with flavorful appetizers and enjoyed alongside a refreshing cup of “kopi” or local coffee, this cultural tradition of combining coffee with grilled pork is what truly adds to the allure of the destination.

We passed by the towering Trang Clock Tower, an architectural marvel, before reaching the iconic Sea Cow Circle, then taking time strolling and capturing the moment at the Street Art while also admiring the blend of Chino-Portuguese and ancient Chinese architectural styles in the old town area. This architectural heritage serves as a testament to the past, showcasing the trading ties between local people and the Portuguese merchants. The Thai-Chinese descendants in Trang are deeply rooted in the city through hundreds of years in trade, resulting in a fusion of cultures including architectural styles of their residences.

Another place worth sightseeing is the Kantang Railway Station that has the classic charm of the single-story wooden station building, adorned with alternating mustard yellow and brown colors. Built over 100 years ago, it is the final station of the Andaman Coast railway line. Kantang Railway Station still operates daily, providing an alternative for those who prefer not to fly. However, make sure to check the train schedule beforehand as there is only one trip per day.

Spend at least half a day to truly experience Trang and its tranquility, free from the hustle and bustle. This small and classically beautiful town is unadorned yet charming, with kind, friendly people. It is a perfect place for a slow-paced getaway.

Kradan Island: The World’s Best Beach

Departing from downtown Trang, we embarked on a journey via a boat ride from Pak Meng Pier in Sikao District. In just about an hour, we arrived at Kradan Island, one of the jewels in Trang’s island crown that comprises approximately 40 small and large islands within the protected confines of Hat Chao Mai National Park.

Renowned as the most remarkable island in the Trang Sea, Kradan Island holds the prestigious title of being the top choice for oceanfront weddings in Trang Province.

As our vessel approached the shore, the golden rays of the sun gently caress the water and sand, painting a breathtaking picture of turquoise seas and pristine white sands, a scene straight out of a dream.

Kradan Island’s highlight lies not only in its stunning beach, with its soft, powdery sands that invite barefoot strolls, but also in its crystal-clear waters teeming with a kaleidoscope of colorful fish species, coral reefs, and a seemingly endless stretch of vibrant seagrass beds lining the island’s coastline. It’s a haven for snorkelers and divers, offering glimpses into an underwater world of wonder.

For those who crave adventure on the waves, tucked away on the backside of the island lies a small bay where rolling waves approach the shore, perfect for surfers looking to catch a few breaks. The front side of the beach is the prime spot for witness stunning sunrises, so just lounge in the sun and take in the breathtaking views of neighboring islands such as Koh Muk, Koh Ngai, Koh Chueak, and Koh Ma. But it’s in the evenings that the island truly shines when it reveals the most picturesque sunsets with clear views of Koh Rok in the distance.

Peace is what you can describe Kradan Island. It has a calm atmosphere, unspoiled nature, and hardly any people around. It is an ideal retreat for those seeking true relaxation. With just a few days over a weekend, you can fully immerse yourself in the island’s pristine beauty, enjoying a secluded coastal hideaway as if you had your own private paradise.

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