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Wang Nam Khiao

A Winter Getaway in the Midst of Khao Yai

after months of hard work, it’s time to escape, recharge, and gear up for the year ahead. Think cool weather that is a stone’s throw away from bustling Bangkok and a variety of activities. Whether you are an adventure enthusiast, a chill seeker, or a café hopper, there’s no better place than Khao Yai. It’s time to trade the office for the outdoors to get a refreshing vibe of its natural beauty.

Recently, there are new camping styles that offer the convenience of a hotel stay while still providing an adventurous feel for those not fond of traditional adventure—called Glamping, short for Glamorous Camping. In this trip, let’s experience a 3-day, 2-night Glamping journey, surrounded by the cool breeze and close to nature to rejuvenate your body and soul and get ready for new beginnings!

Day 1: Glamping at Wang Nam Khiao

The first mission of our first day at Green Water Castle was setting up a tent, which turned out to be a breeze— even for first-timers like us. Located along Route 3060, the place offers tent rental services complete with bedding, pillows, blankets, and comfy seating right outside your tent. For the camping pros, feel free to bring your own arsenal for a small entrance fee. The shared bathrooms are clean and conveniently scattered across the site, while some Glamping spots even boast ensuite or air-conditioned facilities (for those seeking an extra touch of luxury). And when hunger strikes, you’re covered with on-site dining options, making it a hassle-free experience.

Day 2: Admire the Flowers and Explore the Winter Market at Khao Yai

After a simple breakfast, we headed to Pak Chong, spending just half an hour to visit the Winter Market that would be held in the evening. While waiting, we stopped by SOL Glamping for lunch, a stylish camping accommodation offering various styles of tents and mobile homes, complete with air conditioning and in-unit bathrooms. The site features a café and restaurant area catering to external visitors, with a modest entrance fee of 100 baht (around USD3), which can be used as credit for drinks or discounted meals.

The enchanting atmosphere at this location, marked by neatly lined trees, blooming flowers, and picturesque mountain views. Looking into the distance, you’ll catch a glimpse of the mountains meeting the sky, giving off a Tuscany-like ambiance. The diverse menu includes delicious Western, Fusion, and Thai dishes. The polite and charming staff, coupled with delightful desserts and beverages, enhance the overall experience.

Day 3: Embrace the morning and explore the stylish café

On the third day, we dedicated our morning to immerse ourselves in nature and the surrounding atmosphere before heading back. After waking up early to witness the sunrise, we took our time, strolling with our furry companion, capturing impressive moments around, and creatively whipping up a unique and delicious. We prepared a simple drip coffee and indulged in a leisurely time together. Eventually, we packed up and got ready for the journey back home.

We ended our trip with a visit to the recently opened ‘Mae ka Pho Café,’ situated near our accommodation. The café boasts a minimalistic appeal in white, adorned with cartoonish paintings showcasing a distinctive image of a mother and father. With both indoor and outdoor seating amid lush green surroundings, guests can relish the comfortable breeze. The café’s design blends a greenhouse concept for ample natural light, complemented by stylish exposed brick walls, creating a chic and cozy atmosphere.

Travel Tips

– Winter is the season when vibrant flowers bloommost beautifully.

– The phenomenon of meteor showers often occursbetween December 4th and 20th each year.

– Check pet policies before booking, as some KhaoYai accommodations may have restrictions.

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