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Crossing the Great Ocean

Vipassana Meditation Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

We can say that crossing the ocean of Samsara means crossing the Great Ocean. Samsara is the endless cycle of rebirth where the minds of all beings have to flow around. Although sometimes they may be able to stay afloat, they cannot reach the shore because they do not have sufficient merit and perfection.

The reason Samsara means the Great Ocean is because three parts of the Earth are water, and one part is land. It is the power of water that pulls the mind down. To get away from Samsara, the mind must rise above this power and go beyond the four layers of atmosphere, of which the highest one is the lightest.

In Nirvana, there are no animals as the minds of animals have much impurity, or Kilesa, so they cannot rise that high. In fact, they are reborn to repay their bad karma in a state among the four lower levels of existence, namely, underworld beings, hungry ghosts, demons, and animals.

If people accumulate sin, with bad karma, ignorance, and attachment in their minds, these will all make their minds heavy. Thus, their minds will be dragged down and sink into the cycle of Samsara. Their bad karma will lead them to a new existence for them to endlessly pay back for such Karma.

Through your countless lifetimes, you have been misled, deceived, and done wrong because of delusion. So, you have to sympathize with your original mind. Now that you have found the light of Dhamma, you should not fall victim anymore to delusion. It is normal to sometimes lose yourself in a delusional world, but don’t ever lose your way.

Do reflect about yourself. What are you devoting your life to? Are you misled? Have you lived a balanced life and are you resolute in Dhamma? These days, the world is burning in all aspects by the fire of delusion; that is to say, we are living amid fire and poison. So why don’t you try to escape from it?

For the fortunate ones, their original minds will keep telling them they are not living a genuinely happy life. It is indeed a trap, and they have to quickly break this trap of fire. They have to cultivate their perfections just like the many Techo Vipassana practitioners who have been able to attain the first stage of enlightenment and will never descend into lower rebirth.

To attain that level of Dhamma wisdom, one must truly dedicate oneself for others, persevere in meditation practice, and constantly cultivate perfection. In time, these worthy causes will produce good results, and then, you will successfully cross the Great Ocean of Samsara.

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