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The Great Power of Unity

Vipassana Meditation Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

I n Dhamma language, the word ‘Oneness’ refers to the power of the Triple Gem: the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha – the three pillars of Buddhism the world relies on.

The power of the Triple Gem is the light that illuminates the way for those in search of the Truth. The Triple Gem will save them from straying from the path of spiritual liberation – the highest refuge that humans should hold in their mind, with respect and reverence.

In an era that ceases to have a Buddha, all beings are without guidance. This is an unimaginable tragedy as they are born with not just karma of their own, but also false views about life, putting their life at further risks of making new mistakes or committing new bad karma. People born in that era fail to discern right from wrong. This is what the world would look like when deserted by the holy power of the Triple Gem.

But why would the mighty force of the holy Triple Gem cease to reside in the world?

The Triple Gem has always radiated pure, clean energy to the world in support of those able to receive it, until the time of the emergence of the new Buddha.

Here in the material world, the strongest force is the power of gratitude. Take, for example, the gratitude toward a country. Regardless of nationality or race, this power unites people as one, serving as a great fortress against invasion of any kind.

Those who disdain their Motherland and lack appreciation for foods, opportunities, resources, and shelter as well as full citizens’ rights since their birth, will eventually face constant hurdles in their pursuit of their life goals. Success will become extremely hard to attain, and largely out of reach, because they only know how to take, and not to give.

The unity in the spiritual and physical worlds is crucial to our life in this existence, and to our fate in the world beyond. You can already see a glimpse of what kind of society the world is marching toward just by following the news and social media.

A world without ‘Oneness’ is only destined for doom. Once you have cultivated this virtue, protect it with all your might for it will save yourself and everyone.