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Living and Style ISSUE 41

Today’s lifestyle is pushing urban people to bring nature into their home as a way to ease stress. Choosing the right material for your home can lift up your mood. In this issue, we have selected various items of well-chosen colors, texture, and materials in order to help you feel more connected to the nature.

1. Camera Strap By SARNSARD

FB @sarnsard

2. Upcycling Chair by Modernform ‘MORE Collection’

3. Dining Chair by Kitt.Ta.Khon ‘Rojjarnar Collection’


4. Mini Storages by Panisa

3rd Floor, Siam Discovery

5. Abstract Wallpaper, Owls Wallpaper

6. Tiffany & Co. Teapot set

Tiffany & Co., The Emporium G Fl.

7. Luxury Pure Crystal Lighting By Barovier & Toso

Distributed by SEASONS

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