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Bill Drayton

The Modern Changemaker of Our Time

Although the term ‘social entrepreneurship’ has been around for almost four decades, its concept continues to gain popularity and has become integral in today’s business world. This is thanks to Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka, a non-profit organization, which focuses on supporting social entrepreneurs to create positive changes in their community and society.

Drayton’s interest in making change began when he was young. Two of his first ‘organizations’ were Asia Society – a popular social group set up in 1980 during his high school years, and Ashoka Table – an event founded by Drayton when he was a business student at Harvard University in which policymakers, high-ranking executives, and religious leaders met with students to answer questions.

For Drayton, everyone can become a changemaker. He founded Ashoka to help accelerate change by providing funding, training, and mentorship to selected Ashoka Fellows. However, the goals focus on social impact, not business profit.

Progress requires change, and what change is better than becoming a changemaker yourself?