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When it comes to authentic Thai fine dining restaurants with a Michelin starred rating, Sanehjaan is definitely among the best.

The eatery’s highlight starts from its contemporary Thai art décor. The walls are adorned with pictures of temples, palaces, and important places, providing a luxurious, beautiful, yet modern atmosphere, while still preserving your privacy.

Here, only the best seasonal Thai ingredients are used. Dishes are prepared based on ancient Thai recipes, such as Crispy Rice with River Prawn – a famous recipe during the reign of King Rama V – or Dried Salmon, and Watermelon and Coconut-Flavored Sticky Rice – an Ayutthaya period recipe. Concentrated Thai curry bowls, such as Ranjuan Tenderloin Curry and Curry with Crab and Cha-Kram (Seabite) Leaves are suitable for eating with hot, steamed rice. For dessert, we recommend Sanehjaan, a traditional Thai dessert with a mild, refreshing aroma.

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