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Back to Basics, Back to Books

Our definition of ‘dream home’ varies, depending on the stages of our lives. When it comes to a perfect home for children, it isn’t just a place of safety and warmth, but also where character and intelligence are fostered. The easiest and most effective way to create such a home is to set up a home library filled with 350 books of various genres.

In a study by Australian National University, the research team asked respondents aged between 25 and 65 from 31 countries to estimate how many books they had at home when they were 16 years old before taking tests, including reading comprehension, their understanding of common mathematical concepts, and their ability to communicate using digital technology.

The results showed that those growing up with fewer than 80 books had below-average literacy, with the literacy rates rising accordingly with the numbers of books. When the number exceeded 350, the literacy rates remained unchanged.

Congrats to bookworms! You now have one more reason to add to your piles of unread books without guilt.