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When Art Meets Tech

Yes, that’s right! The vroom sounds of a combustion car engine have been recreated to be heard within the cabin of EVs (electric vehicles). If you are walking on a road followed by a quiet EV, you won’t be aware of it to take evasive action. That’s a potentially extremely dangerous situation and why recreating engine sounds for EV cars is so important. But do we really need a world-class composer to accomplish this?

There are two main features of engine sounds for EV cars, namely: A virtual engine sound that informs pedestrians that an EV is approaching, and the sound within the car’s cabin.

High-end models usually provide a unique driving experience which includes creating the ‘right sound’ that differs from their rivals. So, I’d like to introduce you to Hans Zimmer, a world-famous composer, who is trusted to lead the design of EV sounds for BMW’s new concept car.

Zimmer is a German film score composer who was behind the global success of numerous Hollywood blockbusters. Among his masterpieces are Gladiator, The Lion King, Pearl Harbor, Pirates of the Caribbean, Inception, The Dark Knight, Dune, and so on. His works have won many honours, including the Oscars, Emmy, Grammy, and Golden Globe awards.

In his collaboration, Zimmer worked with Renzo Vitale, Creative Director of Sound for the BMW Group, to search for a beautiful sound that reflects the strength and power of BMW vehicles which deliver both performance and pleasure.

Zimmer said that when he was child, he used to wait eagerly for his parents to come home. He could hear the “exact sound of my mother’s BMW and my father’s BMW and tell the two sounds apart. The sound of the cars arriving always meant security for me.” Naturally, he was very excited to work on this project.

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