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The Accidental Hero in His Fight for Covid-19 Transparancy



Lecturer Department of Psychiatry,
Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University

When someone asked Albert Einstein, one of the world’s greatest physicists, about how he dealt with loads of information, he replied, “If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on it, I would use the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper questions, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.

The same goes for one of the most influential psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung who believed that asking the right question is “already half the solution of a problem.”

When the Covid-19 outbreak broke out in early 2020 and became a pandemic in a matter of weeks, Dr Attapol Sukonthapirom na Pattalung, a lecturer at the Department of Psychiatry, Chulalongkorn University began to take notice of several “irregularities” from the way the crisis was handled and the virus itself to the safety of different Covid-19 vaccines.

For the last two years, he appeared in numerous programs and shows, raising questions and calling for transparency from the Thai government. As a result, his voice has become something like a ‘second opinion’ for those seeking another side of the story amid the onslaught of information and vaccine frenzy, particularly the use of mRNA vaccines on children.

You’re a psychologist by training. What made you come out to talk about the pandemic and the vaccines?

I also studied genetics. I’m particularly interested in two things: psychotropics and genetic makeup in relation to psychology. In the beginning of pandemic, Thailand’s response was very lax. There wasn’t any serious preparation but China already began constructing a big hospital. At that time, a senior doctor said it wasn’t an infectious disease. I found that to be impossible since China had gone that far. It was around the same time that a research paper by an Indian scientist was published, revealing the coronavirus’s genetic makeup wasn’t natural, but looked more like genetically engineered. There were obviously irregularities. I began to be skeptical but didn’t believe everything they said and tried to review what was true and what wasn’t. That was the beginning of my doubts and questions.

What do you think about vaccination in general?

I’ve also studied alternative medicine and came to learn about several hidden agenda in the pharmaceutical industry. If you take a deeper look into a lot of healthcare information from the mainstream medicine and the Food and Drug Administration, you’ll realize that what you see isn’t always what you get. Agencies which are supposed to protect consumers don’t always live up to its task. I’ve seen for a long time the connection between these agencies and international drug corporations and their mutual interest. It has existed long before the pandemic.

I started speaking strongly against vaccination only when the government promoted the mRNA vaccines on children. People have the rights to be informed of the risks of the vaccination as well as no vaccination. What I really, really disagreed with was forcing an action through violation of rights…the reason wasn’t even health-related, but for being allowed to go out.

Can you elaborate on this?

There’s no such thing as telling someone to take medicine so that they can leave the house. If the vaccine could prevent infection, I would go for it, but that wasn’t the case. At first, they said 70-80% of people needed to be vaccinated to create herd immunity but the immunity didn’t happen.

A vaccine is supposed to prevent infection and spreading of the disease, which is a primary prevention. What it can actually do is preventing death but that’s a secondary prevention, which can be achieved in several ways. They include early treatment. In the early days of pandemic, what happened here was that no medicine was given when there were only few symptoms. The medicines were given only after the symptoms became worse, resulting in deaths.

It became really ugly when they admitted the vaccines don’t prevent infection only after the efforts to turn some of the lousy vaccines into a godsend had failed. Afterwards, more and more studies confirmed the vaccination wasn’t an answer but they still encouraged people to get vaccinated while the rest of the world has already moved on. Wasn’t the government supposed to re-evaluate the situation and raise the public awareness on ways to increase our natural immunity instead?

We could have strengthened our body’s natural immune systems. People say “Follow the Money” whenever you want to see who benefits from it. It’s one thing that the problem goes to adults. It’s another thing when it’s children who suffer. The truth is children’s immune systems are much stronger than adults in dealing with the virus. There are plenty of scientific papers supporting it. Is it that necessary to put them at risks?

What should parents watch out for after their children received the mRNA vaccines?

First, there’ll be a problem with their immune system. Those kids will likely develop many diseases. Second, there was a discussion about this disease which might affect the children’s brains because the spike protein in the mRNA vaccine can disrupt the body’s systems. There’s a possibility that it’ll affect the reproductive system which is a long-term effect.

Let me make it clear. I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I’m just against unsafe and lousy vaccines, particularly when children’s health is concerned. If it’s good, why should I say no?

So what you’ve been trying to do is getting people to ask questions. Most people think everything already has an answer. In fact, we all need to raise questions and find answers to them. As the government, they were responsible in finding all the answers but they did nothing .

How can we stop the widespread fear and get people to start asking questions?

I think this is a huge problem. Apart from sending out the message of fear through news, they’re using another method which is psychological. Many people don’t understand its purpose. Making people wear face masks is a huge issue because the process serves as a warning that the air is dangerous. Anyone having been constantly fed with this will develop fear unknowingly. And the fear is deeply imbedded. Wearing the mask is simply shutting the mouth, so that person won’t speak, ask, argue, or offer opinions. Their job is only to listen and take orders. I think this impact will surface in the long run.

It’s also crucial that children see people’s faces because they’ll learn how to read people’s emotions. Many parents say they want their kids to have high emotional intelligence but don’t know what they’re making their kids do makes it worse…this will have a lifelong impact on them.

When do you think Thailand will take off the face masks?

When we’re no longer afraid. Once we have a clear understanding, we will be able to take it off. The only reason they should wear the mask is because they’re sick. If you cough and sneeze, you should wear it.