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Andrew Carnegie (1835–1919)


If you admire Warren Buffet and Bill Gates for their philanthropy, meet Andrew Carnegie, the wealthiest and most famous American industrialist of his time and their role model. Carnegie was Scottish-born. His family emigrated to the US in 1848 due to famine when he was 12. While he was always known for his generous, inquisitive, and hardworking nature, he was most remembered for his charitable work through his foundation which he established in 1911. The foundation’s funding and projects ranged from scientific research to social causes and public community projects, with strong focus on empowering people, instead of just giving away help or money. Education was his passion. On the day he died at 84, Carnegie had fulfilled his final wish to die poor as he believed everyone should repay her debt to society. He had donated over 90% of his fortune to charity, with the number of public library construction projects alone totaling nearly 3,000.

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