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Good News after Bad News

Historical records showed the world has faced numerous pandemics, most of them now under control, thanks to the discovery of vaccines. It is worth noting that all the pandemics including the COVID-19 were transmitted from either livestock animals or wild animals. You could say that the culprit is the increasingly bizarre eating habit of our fellow men.

Apart from the ‘new normal’ routines, the coronavirus crisis has also forced us to question our lifestyle and the way we view ourselves and the society. Recently, scientists and sociologists have called for a more holistic approach to the food system. Healthy, green diet is no longer enough as your dishes should not be sought from unsustainable sources, particularly in the name of delicacy or longevity.

The good thing about the pandemic is the realization that humans cannot be separated from each other and are part of the society despite strong individualistic value in some societies. But the most valuable lesson is the change in perception of ‘time’ and what truly matters in life. While some were fortunate enough to have more time with their families, some had to bid goodbye to their loved ones from afar. The pandemic is a reminder to us that love, compassion, and solidarity are what keep the world from collapse. Countries with high success rate in curbing the virus are those willing to work together and look out for each other.